Sunday, June 5, 2011

Anthill Section IV - Moderator Introduction by Drew Bell

Hi! My name is Drew Bell and I will be moderating the discussion of chapters 19 through 27 (Section IV – The Anthill Chronicles) of Anthill.
Like the author of the book, E. O. Wilson, I am an entomologist specializing in the study of ants. In particular, I look at their foraging and territorial behavior. I can identify with the character of Raff Cody (and the author, E. O. Wilson) in that I also grew up exploring nature around my home and, in particular, watching and catching insects. I was especially fond of ants - I think in part because their world was so accessible to me. Unlike many animals, I was able to see all the different stages of ants, and I could see for myself all the things they do that I had read about. For me, they brought the nature I had read about to life.
By way of introduction (at least to me), what nature experiences have you shared in common with Raff Cody?


WILD READ Team said...

Welcome, Dr. Bell! Thank you for moderating with us this week - given your research and expertise in the world of ants, we look forward to your insights and feedback on this section of Anthill.

For those of you who are just meeting Drew for the first time, here are a few things about him that you may enjoy knowing: he received his doctorate in entomology from Penn State University where his research focused on the invasive European Red Ant. He has been working as biology professor at Saint Vincent College where he has used computer modeling to simulate ant foraging patterns. Drew has also done environmental education and outreach through the Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve.

We know you will enjoy this week with Dr. Bell and we look forward to your responses to his inaugural post.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Drew to Americas Wild Read! I share with Raff just the idea of being outside and collecting pieces of nature while exploring it. For me, it was crawdads and snakes for the most part.

Magdalena said...

Hi Dr. Bell. Personally, I can remember following trails of ants back to their hills in my back yard. It was amazing to see how they could live in the cracks in the pavement of my driveway.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dr. Bell,
Now i dont usually like ants so if i observe them it is from a distamce. However, i have always been amazed at how durable they are in the way that they are able to live in a world so large when they themsdelves are so small. Also they can live everywhere, and I mean everywhere as i have found them living under the front seat in the family car and so like Raff i can relate to his interest in insects shown in the first two chapters and his resiliance to kill anything even the tiniest bug in the fourth chapter, because i will not kill things even ants no matter how many times they bite.