Sunday, June 26, 2011

Thank you Laura Bies, environmental attorney.

The weeks have sailed by and we have enjoyed all of the moderators on the blog offer their discussion questions and perspectives to this shared read. Laura Bies's comments this past week made us think and inspired some of us to flip back to the pages of Anthill to consider the end of the story anew. Thank you, Laura for your thoughtful posts and for taking the time in your busy life to join us!

Over the next week, we will be "connecting the dots."  We invite you to put together the various discussions  from Anthill and the two conservation essays to synthesize ideas that can inform the National Wildlife Refuge Vision.  We will review interviews with EO Wilson to learn why he wrote his first non-fiction book.  We will pull threads from our weekly discussions to reflect on the bigger picture and decide what role books and stories have in conservation.  We want to throw the conversation wide open to you, our WILD READers, so that your dialogue adds up to inform the future.

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