Sunday, June 26, 2011

E.O. Wilson on Anthill and Ants by the WILD READ Team

In this speech at the 2010 National Book Festival, EO Wilson reveals why he wrote his first non-fiction book Anthill, the issues he included, and his privileged visit with a southern author (can you guess who?)

EO Wilson tells us why he ended the book with a compromise.  

In this video  Ed Wilson reflects on his boyhood (his "little savage period") and you can observe him in the field with his beloved ants. Wilson demonstrates how fire ants bite to defend their nest and he reflects on why he chose ants to study as his life work.

In this recent video, join Ed Wilson on a ramble through the Alabama woods of this boyhood.

See Ed Wilson with a group of biologists, "Ant Freaks," poking around to identify the rich diversity of the Red Hills of Alabama.

What comments do you have about Ed Wilson or what you learn in these videos?


gracec-walton said...

I learned so much watching Ed Wilson's speech at the National Book Festival. If I had the chance to ask him, I would want to know if the south's deep rooted culture was a factor that drove the recklessness of the environment. Because of the culture that seems to be so strong in the southern south do you think it will be possible to move these people that stick close to their traditions? Though I learned from my biology teacher that insects made up the majority of the animal kingdom, I never knew ants made up 2/3 of the insects' biomass.

Anonymous said...

simply dropping by to say hey