Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Welcome to our "Bringing Conservation to Cities" book discussion with John Hartig

Welcome to our Bringing Conservation to Cities book discussion.  Author and FWS refuge manager John Hartig will moderate this discussion with one essay a week and you the reader can participate in a discussion here by commenting and John and other readers will respond.  Note the question(s) to prime the discussion flow.  The month long uban conservation conversation is framed around the following topics:

  • Week One: Why the National Wildlife Refuge System Needs Successful Urban Refuges
  • Week Two: Becoming Part of the Community Fabric
  • Week Three: Compelling Urban Citizen Science
  • Week Four: Lessons Learned from Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge
We are pretty jazzed about this WildRead month so welcome and keep your eye on tomorrow's first essay by John!



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