Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dueling Essays: Aldo Leopold's "Thinking Like a Mountain" and Curt Meine's "The Once and Future Land Ethic" - Blog Discussion Begins May 1, 2011

Guest moderator William Stolzenburg will post ideas and observations about Aldo Leopold's "Thinking Like a Mountain" essay from the book, A Sand County Almanac (Oxford U. Press, 1949). We will also read Curt Meine's "The Once and Future Land Ethic" from his book Correction Lines: Essays of Land, Leopold, and Conservation (Island Press, 2004) and discuss how these two essays intersect as we scope out the future of wildlife refuges and American conservation (all essays and image above reproduced by permission of the publishers).   Comments are welcome prior to our discussion or email us at


Karen Lindsey said...

My name is Karen Lindsey and I work for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as a trainer primarily in the field of wilderness stewardship. I am really looking forward to participating in America's Wild Read Discussion Blog. Thinking Like a Mountain is my favorite essay by Leopold and, though I've read a lot of E.O. Wilson, I have not read Anthill. See you on the blog next week.

Heather said...


My name is Heather Williams. I'm a life-long nature/animal-lover and am trying to do a career change into ecology/wildlife preservation. I'm very excited to join this discussion and read these books. I am currently reading a book named Rewilding the World by Caroline Fraser which also discusses related topics to these. I am very excited to read and discuss Anthill.

Ian Rowlands said...

Hi all
Whose cool idea was this?! I'm Ian Rowlands (based in UK), working on Wild Soul & Planet Whale, and this is right up my alley! Thanks for creating something very interesting and I look forward to joining in.

Becky Halbe said...

Hi, everyone. I'm Becky Halbe, proud career employee with the Fish and Wildlife Service. I agree with Ian that this is a very cool idea! Timely, too, since I need to provide a list 3 of reading options for the June meeting of a book club. Looking forward to these 3 selections.

Anne Post, NCTC Librarian said...

We will make sure to post our discussion guide on-line here before we begin our Anthill talk on May 15. We are so excited to know that book club groups will participate. Please encourage all to leave comments here.

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Annie. I am looking forward to learning about conservation and nature. Excited to participate in this activity. Baxter, TN

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