Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thank you Dr. John Hartig!

Thank you John for leading such a lively and interesting discussion about urban conservation and the topic of "burning rivers."  Your leadership at Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge and your vision of the best way forward surely instills hope and a good measure of courage as we continue on this conservation path.

WILD READ conversations continue from any of the discussion threads with the possibility that any previous author or moderator might continue to join the fray.  So, stay engaged, thoughtful and share your ideas.

We will take a short "holiday" and beginning April 15 we will feature the following WILD READ book:

Wild in the City: Exploring the Intertwine; edited by Michael C. Houck and M.J. Cody, "a lively collection of essays, wonderful sites, and rambles to experience nature nearby [Portland, OR], and narratives on efforts to better integrate the built and natural environments." The WILD READ team selected this title, now in its second edition, because it exemplifies how a book that specifically addresses the intersect between concrete and "green" in any given urban place can express and subsequently teach the "philosophy that nature does not only belong in the city, but is also essential to creating and sustaining our quality of life in this splendid place."

Watch for more information about this WILD READ!  If you need a copy, go here to see which library near you has a copy to lend.

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