Monday, November 14, 2011

Thank you Bill Sherwonit!! Welcome Scott Weidensaul in January!!

Scott Weidensaul, next WILD READ
 moderator - January 8, 2012 / Photo
credit: Bill Urich
We say goodbye to Bill Sherwonit after a month of very lively discussions around wilderness, spiritual paths, Alaskan culture, the sheer Brook Range beauty, and a conservation consciousness expressed through a prose that sounds more like poetry.  We will miss your brilliant blog postings and hope you continue to chime in as new books, essays, authors, readers mingle and keep up our WILD READ conversation.  Readers?   Stay tuned for the arrival of Scott Weidensaul, author of the book Return to Wild America: A Year-Long Search for the Continent's Natural Soul, who will moderate discussions beginning January 8, 2012. Keep an eye on the 2012 discussion schedule as we add more fantastic "reads" and the authors who love to interact with you.  We look forward to Terry Tempest Williams in May with her new book!

Happy holidays, WILD READERs everywhere!  Participate in our WILD READ 2011 survey!

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