Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Thank you Bob Pyle!

Thank you, Bob Pyle, for a month of illuminated ideas, Thunder Tree wisdom and a pocketful of humor as well. Our WILD READ archives will store these essay nuggets in our treasure trove of blog moderator's posts that have come through America's WILD READ but also our nine-month long Rachel Carson Centennial Blog back in 2007. Our readers can continue to respond to your older blog posts and to topics in and around your book, The Thunder Tree. We are so honored to have you with us, Bob, and hope you continue to chime in as we read and discuss books and essays that highlight how we have connected to the land in companionship with others or alone. America's WILD READ celebrates storytelling that communicates science, the workings of the natural world, with a certain spin that seems to deepen understanding and cultivate appreciation. Perhaps a good story helps to nurture a deeper conservation ethic; touching or understanding nature through a good yarn can perhaps inspire the reader to care enough to join the conservation community. So thanks for the very good times this last month as we look ahead to ushering in author and moderator Bill Sherwonit on October 16. If you haven't gotten your book Changing Paths and do like to read from an electronic copy, be in touch and we will supply a link to our ebooks.

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